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We are a conservation science lab in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University. Our lab envisions cities where nature and people thrive together. Our mission is to undertake scientific research that supports ecological and conservation-minded urban design, planning, and policy. We use theories and principles in ecology and conservation science to provide evidence-based solutions that simultaneously conserve biological diversity and improve the lives of urban residents.

Recent Lab News

11-04-2021: New paper alert! “Strolling through a Century: Replicating Historical Bird Surveys to Explore 100 Years of Change in an Urban Bird Community”, co-authored by Travis, is now published online at The American Naturalist.

10-27-2021: Krista passed her qualifying exams this week!!

08-15-2021: New paper alert! “Wealth and urbanization shape medium and large terrestrial mammal communities”, co-authored by Travis, is now published online at Global Change Biology.

08-15-2021: Our lab’s very first graduate student has fledged! Congrats, Kate on officially graduating with your M.S.

07-13-2021: Master’s student, Kate Ritzel, successfully defended her thesis on behavior adaptations in urban mammals. Congratulations, Kate!!