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We are a conservation science and quantitative ecology lab in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland. Our lab envisions cities where nature and people thrive together. Our mission is to undertake scientific research that supports ecological and conservation-minded urban design, planning, and policy. We use theories and principles in ecology and conservation science to provide evidence-based solutions that simultaneously conserve biological diversity and improve the lives of urban residents.

Recent Lab News

06-03-2024: New paper alert! We are excited to share our new paper led by Ph.D. candidate Dan Herrera titled Historical park planning is associated with modern-day patterns of bird diversity in cities in Landscape and Urban Planning. Check it out here

05-28-2024: Congrats to all the graduates in the Lab this year! Merri, Alexia and Lara have been amazing members of the lab and its bittersweet to see them go.

05-07-2024: Check out the new Ecology Data Paper that our lab contributed data to. Congrats to Merri and Dan on another publication!